Area Assets

Top Employers

  • We decided to expand our facility in Conway and invest in Horry County because of the quality of the workforce here. We have been pleased with the quality of the employees and low turnover rates in Horry County. In addition to that we were impressed with the incentive package we were offered by the MBREDC and Brad Lofton’s team

  • Our Experience in Myrtle Beach could not be better. We have had a great response from the job prospects, and we are excited  about the talents our new employees are bringing to Frontier. We are convinced every day that we made the right decision to choose Myrtle Beach for expansion, and we’re sure our new call center will provide exemplary customer service.

  • The MBREDC staff have done a great job and have really moved the community forward in a short period of time.

  • Horry County is a strategic location for moving our products to customers all around the world.

  • Whatever you are doing in Myrtle Beach, keep it up. I've never seen the activity this strong. It is a pleasure working with you and your team. All of our Project Managers enjoy working in your area, it is a good area to sell and you make that easy!

  • In my opinion, it would have been very difficult to accomplish these tasks, and we would not be as far along as we are without the assistance of the MBREDC.  It is likely that we would have never seen the advantages of relocating to Horry County without their attention to our project.

  • PTR is very excited to begin the process and write the next chapter for our company here in South Carolina. I'd like to thank and commend the leadership of South Carolina and Horry County who have demonstrated their commitment to jobs and industry for the area and the taxpayers.  We look forward to doing business here and joining the rising tide of the Myrtle Beach area economy.